Indoor Air Quality

We are proud to offer Lifebreath products and are a member of the Lifebreath Academy.

The Heat Recovery System (HRV) will improve your home's air quality by moving stale, contaminated air from inside your home to outdoors. At the same time it draws fresh air from outside and distributes it throughout the house without loss of heat. The product will also keep your windows dry and aid those with some respiratory problems.


Does your home feel dry in the winter? Humidifiers are designed to work with your heating system to make your home more comfortable by eliminating patched, dry air throughout the entire home. Contact us for details.

UV Air Purifier

Using UV technology to purify your indoor air. Once installed, UV Air Purifiers will treat the air, destroy bacteria, viruses, mold, chemicals and odors such as smoke, etc. Contact us for details.

Permanent Filter

An Allergy Gold Electrostatic filter will help reduce your family's exposure to dust, pollen and mold.

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